Jclick to view flyeroin us for our annual student Philosophy conference.

This conference aims to bring several dynamic learning communities together for an enriching meeting of the minds, stimulating research, and an opportunity to participate in a connection along philosophical lines in our interdisciplinary inquiries. This theme is meant to be inclusive, inviting those within and outside of any one discipline to engage in a variety of conversations that move across disciplinary lines—be it philosophy, psychology, cognitive sciences, film and media studies, literature, or a variety of others. We certainly wish to take care as we approach the furtherance of these philosophical efforts and discussions on local and international scales alike. Keeping in this spirit, we ask those who wish to participate in this conference held at SDSU to send in their papers and abstracts so we may continue this engagement for a weekend of shared ideas.

Call for Papers

Submissions on a range of topics in our field are invited for paper sessions.
Date Extended! Abstracts are due February 16, 2018.

More information

For more information, please contact the participating students of Phi Sigma Tau and the Philosophy Club at SDSU at their joint email: sdsustudentphilosophy@gmail.com